Hello, Hello!!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I will be writing about all my baking escapades which will include photos and recipes.

As the title suggests I do indeed have a tiny kitchen, and by the time I’m in there with all my ‘stuff’ out, and then my son comes in dragging a chair with him to stand on, I literally have no room to turn around or open a drawer…..and yes it does drive me insane…..my husband will testify to this, as I moan A LOT about it.

I have always loved baking and cooking, but have decided I want to do a lot more of it, and thought that this would be a good way of keeping track of what I have done.

I have some jars of mincemeat that I made last year that I want to use, so I have been looking at making something with that, and I would like to make some ‘pretty’ biscuits.  So, watch this space.


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